The Decepticon: Cardscream

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Yes, a play on the name of the fictional character from the 80s cartoon.  Why, because of the luring tactics that credit card companies use to get us – hook, line, and sinker.  I know I’m not the only one that gets caught by this because I’ve heard others that sign up just to get those coveted travel points.   If you’re like me, and/or have an inkling sense of adventure, you like to travel.  You also like to save money.

The last few years, the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve cards have been pretty popular.  I got both.  I know what you’re thinking.  Uh oh.  I can see it now.  So actually, I signed up for one and went on a trip and used each one to cover for expenses until I hit the required amount for the bonus points.  I didn’t wake up one day and have two cups of crazy for breakfast.  I had money saved up for the trip.  So I paid off the balance right away.  A couple months later, I signed up for the other one and did the same thing.  From what I’ve heard you can’t get both of them anymore.  However, I don’t know if that’s true and haven’t looked into it.

Anyhow, I’ve been trying to cycle most of my monthly expenses through one of the cards to accumulate points.  After the past few months of trying this out, I’m going to have to stop using the card.  I don’t know what it is but I just spend more money because I’m using the credit card and not my debit card.  I might have to stop carrying my credit card in the interim.

Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I don’t have any tips or tricks to share.  Just sharing my journey as usual.  You know what I do have though.  Some more food pics!!



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