Shelter in Place – month 1

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I didn’t even post a blog last month.  Everyone in the world knows by now, that March 2020 was a whirlwind of a month for some countries, including the US.  By the second week of March I was already thinking about a work from home schedule for my team due to the increasing cases of COVID-19.  By Tuesday, I had sent my team home to continue to WFH for the foreseeable future.   So many people around the world have been impacted by this virus.  Daily life, as we know it, has changed.  News segments and reports, articles, studies, coming out daily.  It’s now April.  After the first month of shelter in place hit for us in the San Francisco Bay Area, social media posts from friends experiencing anxiety and worry started to trickle into my feed.

I’ve had a couple of online meetings with my family over the last couple of weeks since we are supposed to be practicing social distancing.  Today is easter and many families will be unable to gather as they traditionally do every year.  It’s a crazy time to be alive.  This is something that we will look back on and talk about for generations to come.

I mentioned in my last post that I have a goal to run the Honolulu Marathon in under 5 hours at the end of this year.  Many races and events have been cancelled since the 2nd week or March through April.  Heck, the remainder of the school year for many children has also been cancelled.  After all this, I’m still hopeful that the race will go on as planned.  I’m hopeful that we will return to life before shelter in place by Memorial Day weekend.

My training was going great and as planned until about the weekend of my first big race. I was supposed to run the Windward Half Marathon on Oahu on 3/22. A bigger race, the Hapalua (scheduled 4/6), was cancelled a week or two before this one. Since the Windward Half is a smaller race and consists mainly of locals that live on island it seemed like this race was still going to take place. However, like many other places, state and local official announced guidelines and orders to shelter in place and practice social distancing. I was on a 12-week training block, so this training block will likely start over once things get back to normal.

At this point in time, my long runs should be around 9 miles.  However, this week, I wasn’t as active as usual.  I came across an opportunity to help moderate an online class.  This meant, being to take an updated version of a class I took before for dirt cheap.  I also was able to get course video access and a certification attempt.  So I jumped on the opportunity right away.  It also meant getting up at 4am PST every day this week since the class was held on Eastern Standard time.

I have five weeks left on my current training schedule which I paid for to get custom drafted for me.  I could only hope that that I can get to where I should be after taking some time off the last couple weeks.  Maybe, with all this SIPing happening I can get more blog posts out.  We’ll see.  I manage to stay pretty busy all the time.

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