You were curious why food has its own page, weren’t you?  Do you love to eat?  Do you love to cook?

If you know me, I looove to eat.  You’ve heard the term ‘love-hate’ relationship, I have a ‘love-love’ relationsip with food.  However, it’s also counter productive to my monthly savings rate.  It’s counter productive to my diet.  Food is integral to our lifestyles.  When I list out things that I like to do or things that are important to me.  It’s on the list lol.  I love to dine out.  So guess what, food, is going to get it’s own series.  I’m trying to limit my dining out to just once a week or even less!  So I’m going to list out food related events so I can come back, reflect, and remember the good times, the bad times, or seriously regret the spending.  I’ll talk about my culinary experiences but more so the consumption of, costs, etc..

I’ll start blogging about a ‘food challenge’ that I will be undertaking.   It’s not a mukbang, or some kind of all you can eat challenge.  The goal is to reduce my monthly spending on food.  I’ll post the numbers and we’ll see where it goes.  I also don’t want to reduce the quality of food that I’m eating because that’s unhealthy.  If I reduce the amount of food, that might be good so I can lose some weight.