If you know me, I fuckin’ love to eat.  However, it’s also counter productive to my monthly savings rate.  It’s counter productive to my diet.  Food is integral to my lifestyle.  When I list out things that I like to do or things that are important to me.  It’s on the list lol.  I love to dine out.  So Food, is going to get it’s own page.  I’m trying to limit my dining out to just once a week or even less!  So I’m going to list them out here so I can come back, reflect, and remember the good times or seriously regret the spending.  I’ll talk about my culinary experiences but more so the consumption of, costs, etc..

2019-07-12 $75 Yakitori.   < Whoa, went way overboard here.  It was delicious but hello buyer’s remorse.